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Team Seeking First Season Win
By: Destine Gibson, Student Intern

The Wildcats are off to a 0-4 start, but they are looking forward to a second chance for an undefeated record as they begin conference play against Glendale on Saturday.

The team is returning to the home field after traveling for two consecutive road games.

"We started out slow in our nonconference games," head coach Marguet Miller said. "Our goal is to always do well in our conference games so this is where the team philosophy of go 1-0 every week comes in."

The team has been preparing for conference play by working on offensive and defensive consistency and keeping their confidence high. Now that the freshman have had four games to adjust to college football, the team has ironed some of the kinks out. The player's progress and dedication to the program has instilled a valuable "no turning back" mentality.

"When you go through things like this, it's good life learning lessons for your team because they know how to deal with adversity and keep striving," Miller said. "The crime is not getting knocked down, the crime is not getting back up."

Using their college ball experience, the sophomores have shined as the leaders of a Wildcat roster largely composed of freshmen. Sophomore quarterback Markell White has consistently topped the stats in passing and rushing. He leads both categories with an average of 119.5 in passing yards and 48.5 in rushing. Sophomore receiver Jordan King and sophomore running back Christian Williams have also been game leaders.

"Markell's a pretty good player so he can help us on both sides of the ball," Miller said. "He's been leading by example. He comes every day, he's committed and he's dedicated."

The Wildcats continue their tradition of success off the field by staying on top of their academics. Nearly 100 percent of the team turned their progress reports in on time and they remain committed to attending class every day.

"I see the kids at school every day and I'm proud of that," Miller said. "A lot of these kids are going to move on and get their degrees. So no matter what happens on the field, we're going to win forever because our kids are going to get their education. Whether we win, lose or draw, I know we're always going to be better than the other team at this."